Grazings Charcuterie Gal—Offering Exquisite Charcuterie Platter

Imagine just moving into your dream home in Lehigh Valley and wanting to throw a celebration. This is where charcuterie boards are the ideal option to begin with. Gone are the days when snacks and appetizers are only dull preludes to the main course of every dinner table. 

If you don’t have enough time to get all the ingredients needed for your personal charcuterie board, worry no further because Grazings Charcuterie Gal got you covered. 

At Grazings Charcuterie Gal, it is more than just cheese—it is an experience. Handmade, globally-inspired cheese boards and charcuterie consisting of gourmet meats, cheese, and more. They provide a unique and customized selection of assorted boards, cups, cones, and boxes.

The custom charcuterie service started with a simple dream. The owner always had a love for amazing food and trying new things and she thought that charcuterie board making was an ideal way for her to get creative with food and understand more about combining flavors together. 

The first time she saw a charcuterie board, she was immediately captivated by all the stunning textures and colors. At that moment, she knew she wanted to try to craft her own. To her, the entire process of making a board is thrilling.

Starting with finding inspiration, buying the items and arranging everything, and, of course, eating it—it is a centerpiece, a conversation starter, and a lovely picture. She knows her boards will bring just as much happiness to her customers as they do for her. 

The Lehigh Valley-based grazing boxes service provider provides exquisite charcuterie and grazing boxes for every family planning to celebrate special occasions at home. They specialize in sophisticated charcuterie boxes that include premium cheeses and cured meats. 

They also provide different accouterments such as fresh and dried fruits, roasted nuts, classic cornichons, rustic crackers, honey, jams, pretzels, and bread. They also include personalized notes, especially for special events. 

Grazings Charcuterie Gal allows for customizations of graze boxes and special requests for cold cuts and specialty cheeses upon demand by the customers. They currently have different pricing available: 8 X * for $45; 10 X 10 for $65; 12 X 12 for $80; 14 X 14 for $120 and 18 X 13 for $145. 

Interested individuals who wish to place their orders can visit Grazings Charcuterie Gal’s official Instagram page here or send an email at Customers are also recommended to place their orders two days prior to delivery to guarantee the graze’s quality and freshness.


Courtesy of Agency Real Estate Partners, LLC