Apollo Grill

Situated in the middle of Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem is a unique and rich German-influenced municipal that flourished through industrial efforts.

The city is a hidden treasure in Pennsylvania, made popular for its industries and history. It played a massive role in the country’s industrial revolution, and that characteristic is a defining visual identity of the city.

But you know what’s amazing about this state? They take food very seriously—especially when it comes to the city’s most iconic offerings.

Apollo Grill in downtown Bethlehem is one of the places you never get tired of going to. Situated just off Main Street on Broad Street, the entire vibe of the bistro is fantastic. The décor is bright and modern with a big city edge. But what you should miss there is food.

The restaurant provides a comprehensive and tasty menu in a sedate, modern setting. The contemporary décor and seating, complemented with the eclectic background music and frequently local artworks gracing the walls, make a relaxing yet hip vibe for a memorable meal.

Among the local’s favorites are its salads, including Waldorf, Caesar, and other impeccably made classics. What’s more, there are also diverse appetizers that could easily serve as a lunch or light meal, not to mention they provide pasta and sandwich as well as more substantial entrees.

Probably a unique feature of Apollo Grill’s menu is the flexibility of their steak and fish offerings. For any of these entrees, you can pick a selection of sauces. From start to finish, the bistro offers you not just food but a hip, delectable dining experience that you’ll surely love to come back to.

Apollo Grill is situated on W. Broad Street, a cozy and refined bar and grill with a wide array of appetizer menus, a full bar, and delicious American entrees. A perfect place for relaxing and meeting some friends for drinks.

The minute you walk in, you are certain to see the artistic décor all around the bistro, with artworks from locals hanging on the wall together with sophisticated accessories and furniture.

Apollo Grill also has a wide array of selections on its menu and a complete bar of exquisite wines, craft brews, and cocktails. For lunch or dinner at the restaurant, you can pick a choice cut of ribs, chicken, pork, veal, lamb, duck, fish fillets, or steak fresh from the grill.

Alternatively, you can select a sandwich, burger, pasta, or pizza, such as the roasted and grilled turkey and Brie or the grilled tuna wrap. The bar menu of Apollo Grill features a lot of class cocktail recipes and some seasonal favorites.

Anyone can take advantage of their big appetizer menu and order whichever catches the eye. A few favorites are the Asparagus Crab Bisque and Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus. For a dessert, you can taste the Limoncello—not like anything you have ever tasted before. Follow Apollo on Instagram


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